In the World According to Xander, and #IamXander, there's a new soxial order, or Soxial Agenda if you will. 


Norms and standards as we know it are about to be turned on their heads and you might as well start the new soxial dictionary, or don’t.  The ideas may never get a chance to see the light of day in my lifetime especially since I am a social media pariah. It’s like, the more sense I make, the less people like it.  Well, hopefully I can write my way out like Alexander Hamilton. The word survivor might be either defined or redefined in your mind after hearing my story and my truth. It really depends on your privilege. If you're a privvy, then you already know. And if not, then you definitely know. Don't forget it either. I don’t hope that my truth will inspire you to live yours...I pray that it will and that whether you ever get to hear mine or not, that you will continue to live yours unapologetically.  

Stump Trump in 2020. 

Wakanda is a scam. 
Gossip Boy